Chorégraphie: PI

Pi is a piece about the place of the performer in the world of the stage. It is a play that looks like a fake show. We discover 3 dancers, naked who face a voice, authoritarian and mischievous. They are under its orders and cannot get out of its yoke. The dancers are only empty receptacles.

Throughout the piece they have a choreographic material limited to 10 movements, associated with the numbers from 0 to 9. The piece is so called because the sequence of numbers that the dancers follow to build their phrasing is that of pi. They are filled with these materials that they don’t know. I was then inspired by everything that could relate to pi, that is to say, the circles. I placed 3 circles assigned to each dancer. I then create patterns using partitions to play with the dancers. These circles relate to systems. I mean by that way of thinking, of society, of life… Nowadays, when everything is going faster and faster, information, productivity,… we are often limited and locked in our way of thinking and it also affects our relationships, stuck in a loop with no ability to get out. We can see it in social networks or video platforms for example. The algorithms, once having identified your social category, will show you and offer to be friends with certain types of people. We will often offer you the same kind of videos, films and series after understanding your interests. Its systems, communities gravitate around, influence and intersect. This is the dance representation of this.  This dance is the representation of this theses this subjects.

Dancers: Mermoz Melchior, Karn Steiner and Antonin Mélon